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The Strahman family of products includes:

Process Valves including high-pressure metal seated ball valves and gate valves, metal seated butterfly valves, multi-way diverter valves, in-line piston and disc valves and spray-rinse valves for use in the chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Sampling Valves that produce live samples without exception. Our sampling valves’ unique designs prevent failure caused by sediment or clogging.

Drain Valves designed to prevent clogging. They are ideal for use in liquid and gas service and with slurries, polymers and high viscosity fluids that tend to solidify at room temperature.

Line Blinds which provide zero leakage and total isolation on process pipelines, vessels and in maritime applications. No pipeline movement is required when blind position is changed.

Wash Down Equipment including full lines of mixing units, hose stations, hoses, nozzles and wash down accessories designed for use in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.